The trichomes are what make the flowers sparkle with its cannabinoid & terpene rich resin. The resin is secreted through trichomes (mushroom-shaped glands) on leaves, stems, and throughout the plant. Trichomes are technically meant to be used as a defense mechanism against predators, giving the cannabis plant an evolutionary advantage.


Also known as the flower, cola refers to the plant’s bud site where tight female flowers bloom.

Sugar Leaf

Sugar leaves are small leaves that grow out of your buds. These leaves also contain trichomes that can be used for a trim run when extracting the plant’s resin.


Out of the Calyxes, you can spot the bright-colored pistils. The pistils are tiny hairs that serve to collect pollen from males. They play an important role in the reproduction, but also influence very little to the taste and potency.

Fan Leaf

Fan leaf is for protection of light and bud rub when drying, also enhances color in some of our strains.


The connection point on the stem of the plant where the leaves grow.


The stem provides the skeleton and plant structure for all plant growth; it is also responsible for transporting nutrients throughout the plant.


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