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AGS proprietary flower is available in Eighths (3.5g), 1g Pre-Rolls, 0.7g (3.5g) Pre-roll packs, 0.3g (1.5g) Pre-roll packs, and Curated Eighth Sets.

Night Sky (Indica), Eighth (3.5g)

Silver Cloud (Indica), Eighth (3.5g)

Snow Dream (Indica), Eighth (3.5g)

Caramel Apple (Hybrid), Eighth (3.5g)

Honey Flower (Sativa), Eighth (3.5g)

Lava Flower (Sativa), Eighth (3.5g)

Sunbeam (Sativa), Eighth (3.5g)

Woods (Sativa), Eighth (3.5g)

Night Sky (Indica), 1g Pre-roll

Caramel Apple (Hybrid), 1g Pre-roll

Lava Flower (Sativa), 1g Pre-roll

Sunbeam (Sativa), 1g Pre-roll

Woods (Sativa), 1g Pre-roll

Night Sky (Indica) 0.3g (1.5g) Pre-roll pack

Caramel Apple (Hybrid) 0.3g (1.5g) Pre-roll pack

Lava Flower (Sativa) 0.3g (1.5g) Pre-roll pack

Caramel Apple (Hybrid) 0.7g (3.5g) Pre-roll pack

Night Sky (Indica) 0.7g (3.5g) Pre-roll pack

Woods (Sativa) 0.7g (3.5g) Pre-roll pack

Snow Dream (Indica) 0.3g (1.5g) Pre-roll pack

Sunbeam (Sativa) 0.3g (1.5g) Pre-roll pack

Woods (Sativa) 0.3g (1.5g) Pre-roll pack

Dawn Curated Eighth Set

Dusk Curated Eighth Set

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